Episode 76 – Hack Job (Computer hackers)

August 6, 2010

Pouting is an essential part of being a hacker.

Hackers. People sure do love hackers in movies. Oddly, in real life, they just get ridiculed. Probably because they don’t actually look like Angelina Jolie or Keanu Reeves and aren’t as cool as Kevin Flynn.

Also everyone’s afraid some pimply kid in a Nine Inch Nails shirt is going to drain their bank account. Somehow. No one really knows how computers work so it seems like a perfectly valid fear. Just like vampires were in the middle ages.

But is the hacker, as seen in movies, real or just a sort of urban myth? The problem is, a census can’t be taken since real hackers would never reveal their identity. And would a real life hacker actually choose a name like Zerœ_Bürn or Acid Re:FLUX?

The first and best hacker movie ever? War Games.

Somehow I doubt it. The real computer wizards I’ve met never had any kind of edginess to them whatsoever. They’re quiet, unassuming and more likely to listen to Matchbox 20 than Front 242. Not a single set of tight leather pants in their wardrobe. I don’t know if those guys are the real hackers of the world, but I imagine the real hackers are closer to David Lightman than Kate Libby.

Internet comedian Community Channel’s awesome take on hackers in movies:

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