Zombie Boobs and Dragon Cock: Weird Search Terms July 2012

August 13, 2012

July was a hotter than average month for us here in Ontario. And judging by the search terms that got people to this blog, it was hot on the Internet as well. Well, when isn’t it hot on the Internet?

nerd hurdles empire sucks: The Nerd Hurdles Empire does kind of suck. But what do you expect from an empire that consists of two microphones, a computer and three cats?

zombies boobs: “Like, if you drank milk from a zombie’s boob would you become a zombie?”

guns money and bitches: This pic’s got it all. Plus umbrellas.

oh you gif: I still say the Brits have the cutest insults. “Yes ma’am, you can kill a lot of gifs with this gun. But we don’t really do that anymore. Not since we lost India to the darkies.”

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