Episode 62 – Get on the Jebus

April 23, 2010

Religion itself might not be a nerd hurdle per se, but there sure are a lot of geeky religion fanboys and fangirls out there. Even the devotion of a Trekker  pales in comparison to that of a dyed in the wool Jesus Freak.

Though some of the worlds religions may be able to boast they have a greater number of fans, none of theirs have quite the level of geekiness as the typical North American Christian. Why is that?

Is it the western capitalist ability to commercialize anything no matter how sacred? If so, why isn’t the nerdiest Jew half as nerdy as the average Mormon? Perhaps only God knows.

We do have some theories which we toss around like so many loaves and fishes. You can listen to them if you click on Kenny Loggins’ mullet—which plays the role of Jesus’ Mullet in the claymation adaptation of the Easter story, The Miracle Maker—at the top of this post.

Links: Red Letter Media; The Miracle Maker; Jack Van Impe; Is homosexuality a sin.

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