Episode 112 – Sexy Hurdles 3: Fetishes

May 13, 2011

From fishnets to furries, this week we talk fetishes.This is a dirty, dirty episode. That’s all I have to say about it. Except, here’s the photoshop mash-up of Annie Lennox and David Bowie that Mandi wanted to see.

Well, she probably wanted to see a good one. I used up all my shopping energy this week on Jean Luc Simmons up there.

As if this week isn’t sexy enough, also released is our guest appearance on Do Ask, Do Tell. The LGBTQ podcast from the Simply Syndicated network. Listen to find out about our thoughts on being bisexual. Also, you’ll find out what I really sound like when I’m not in control of editing out all my “ums” and long, uncomfortable pauses.

Episode 028: Musical Hurdles (Special Edition)

August 17, 2009

As far as musical theatre goes, it’s not the fact I rarely enjoy when a perfectly good play or film is ruined by people inexplicably bursting into song that is the hurdle. It’s the geeky devotion musical theatre inspires in its fans. Rent fans especially seem to feel the need to launch into song whenever the mood hits them. I’m afraid this creates somekind of instinctive cringe reaction in me. That and jazz hands. I can’t get behind jazz hands.

Musical comedy, specifically comedic song, also doesn’t really bother me in and of itself. Though the songs are often too long, the joke getting tired after one chorus, hearing a parody or satirical song once can be amusing. They key is once. But sometime people listen to these things AS IF IT’S A LEGITIMATE FORM OF MUSIC. I’ve known people over the age of ten who listened to Spinal Tap because they thought it was simply good music. This doesn’t give me a geek shiver so much sends a geek seismic wave through my soul. And you know right now there’s people playing Flight of the Conchords, The Lonely Island and the Mighty Boosh in their cars and on their iPods. I feel irritated just thinking about it.

But there’s an infinite rainbow of hurdles music can inspire in people. We barely scratched the surface of genre hurdles in this episode (there was no mention of prog, jazz-fusion, or ska), we might have to revisit this topic in the future. I know I could spend an hour just discussing Frank Zappa fans.

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