Episode 55 – Flynn Lives in Tron-to

March 5, 2010

This episode, where we report on the Tron Legacy trailer preview event in Toronto last weekend, is the culmination of our series of Tron-related posts of late. It’ll (probably) be Tron-free business as usual until next december from here on in. Mandi will be glad to hear that. She was so utterly broken by the event, it seems to have tainted this classic in her eyes forever. Though when she watched it for the (ahem) first time ever the night before, she didn’t seem too impressed.

Really, the shownotes for this episode have already been posted here, in a piece I wrote for our badass friends www.mediasaurs.com. If you got here via the link to “shownotes” on our Simply Syndicated episode page, sorry for redirecting you again. I know it’s a lot of work to click a mouse.

But that’s in the spirit of the Flynn Lives treasure hunts. Imagine if I made you go on a scavenger hunt where you met up with an “operative” who gave you a cell phone which lead you to codes which unlocked a website which allowed you to click on that link… Now imagine if there were only two sentences waiting for you at Mediasaurs after all the work I put you through… Yeah, you’re getting the picture of what the vibe was at the Flynn Lives screening in Toronto. Fortunately, I’m not Disney. I supply the goods.

If you’re curious to hear a completely different take on the Flynn Lives event, the Aussie podcast Chaotic Geek (www.chaoticgeek.com) gushes about the Melbourne screening here. They did get to see the trailer twice, but I’m still not sure I understand their level of enthusiasm. Though I do envy it .

Links: The awesome ENCOM dummy site.

Blue in ’82.

There’s no GalacTALKa this week due to… well, we just didn’t feel like watching or talking about BSG. Not even for you. It wasn’t personal. We just needed some time apart.


March 1, 2010

Nerd Hurdles were present at the Toronto location of the controversial, overhyped, mega-letdown, nerd-burn that was the latest Flynn Lives event. It was hard to tell if the new Tron Legacy trailer was any good through all the geek wrath and nerd ire. You’ll hear all about it in Episode 55.

But if you want to read what Jakob wrote about it right now, you have to go to that baddass website Mediasaurs.com.

Flynn Lives!

February 25, 2010


The makers of Tron 2 are raising the bar for nerdgasmic marketing events. Check out the video in the “Flynn Lives Meet-up” post for proof. I think the line “I’ve been waiting since I was 12 to play Space Paranoids and there it was” says it all. These guys know their target demographic like the back of their hand.

At 4pm EST today, tickets are being released through the Flynn Lives site for some kind of secretive IMAX pre-screening events worldwide. Nerds in the know will be on that.

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