Episode 203: Sitcoms

February 5, 2015


Jakob and Mandi talk about television sitcoms. The TV genre which, previous to the advent of reality TV, was considered the lowest form of TV. After soap operas and afternoon talk shows, that is. And late-night infomercials. But low down there, regardless. Anyway, in this episode they do a survey of the form over the decades with WKRP (late-70’s), Friends (mid-90’s) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (today). Also discussed: Three’s Company, Cheers, Frasier, Gilmore Girls and Will & Grace. And don’t worry, the laugh-track cuts out about 10 minutes into the episode.

Behold the awkward pain that is Friends with no laugh track.


Ask The Nerds: Re-cast Questionable Content

October 14, 2010

Q: If you could cast QC with real actors, who would you choose? Or, alternatively, if you could cast it with characters from a TV show, which one would you choose and how would you cast them?

A: Friends

Martin = Ross (Neurotic everyman with black hair)|
Faye = Rachel (Wisecracking girl with daddy issues)
Hannalore = Phoebe (Blonde wacko)
Sven = Joey (Really only  in the “ladies man” aspect)
Angus = Chandler (Wisecracker with foot-in-mouth disease)
Dora = Monica (OCD brunette working in the food industry)
Coffee of Doom = Central Perk
Living in same apartment building = Living in same apartment building

Well. It turns out Jeph Jacques basically just recast Friends by hair colour. Never noticed that before. Huh…

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