Coming To Terms: “i was a real turd in a hot tub… “

May 5, 2010

sexy hurdler: “Sexy Hurdler” was by far the most popular search term getting people to The Hurdled Nerd in April with a whopping 129 hits. That doesn’t include all the variations like “sexi hurlde.” Unfortunately, they’re not looking for our Sexy Hurdles episode, they’re looking for her. Or perhaps her.

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Episode 37 – Dead Zombies Walking (Halloween part 2)

October 30, 2009

Far and away the search-term that lands the most people at Nerd Hurdles is “zombies.” It’s well into the hundreds and the next highest non-zombie related search-term is “borg queen” at 22. And I’d argue the Borg are just space zombies so “data star trek” at a count of 14 is the real runner-up. Since until this latest episode we’d only talked about zombies once (episode 21), this is a clear indication the public has gone rabid for zombies. And it’s not just googling nerds who have a hunger for the dead flesh, last weekend we walked amongst hundreds of punk, goth and hipster wannabe ghouls at the Toronto Zombie Walk 2009.

But why have the undead sprung to life? Something about shuffling brains-hungry corpses clearly resonates with the living population at a near universal level. I believe for the most part it’s due to the following three points: Read the rest of this entry »

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