Coming To Terms: Shocktober Stats

November 4, 2010

Mandi and Jakob in the Hurdle Hut on Halloween 2010

Traditionally (two years counts as a tradition, right?),  most of our hits in October are related to Halloween costumes. Actually, people are searching for “how to dress like a nerd” pretty much all year. If these guys had gone as nerds instead of a KKK member leading around a “slave” in blackface, they’d have saved themselves some trouble. Though probably not have won first place in costume contest at the Windsor Legion.

At any rate, the Internet was looking for a few other things as well.

bengal cat costume: I was really hoping someone (after my own heart) wanted to dress up like a Bengal Cat. But I suspect they were looking for this bullshit instead.

wierdest costume ever: This year we got a lot of hits for “Milla Jovovich costume”. It was second to “how to dress like a nerd for Halloween”. A Milla Jovovich-dressed-like-a-nerd-for-Halloween costume might be kind of weird, but you’d probably have to explain it all night. To see real life weird costumes, go here instead.

+how to make a turd costume: Plus, anyone who wants to dress as a turd probably doesn’t need a costume.

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