Episode 101 – Academic Achievement

February 15, 2011


Never mind the quibbling about if attending Star Trek conventions or playing Yu-Gi-Oh makes you a nerd, there’s one thing that everyone has always agreed on: Caring about academic achievement is nerdy as heck [(hk) interj. Used as a mild exclamation of surprise, irritation, etcn. Slang Used as an intensive: had a heck of a lot of money; was crowded as heck].

Perhaps because comic books and D&D aren’t really a real-world threat to those outside of the nerd clique but superior intelligence is. The stereotypical meathead jock knows he’s only going to get so far in life, even with an athletic scholarship, but that smarmy math-club kid is going to rocket right to the top of Microsoft’s corporate ladder.

We all know the smarmy math-club kid probably isn’t actually going to achieve any more in life than anyone else in their graduating class, for a myriad of reasons, but fear and hatred aren’t rational. Same as pencil-necked nerds are jealous of jocks’ seemingly effortless athletic ability, jocks are jealous of nerds’ seemingly effortless academic ability. That’s what makes human beings so wonderful. Our egalitarian ability to misjudge, fear and hate each other.

But speaking of pencil-neck nerds, we sat down to watch Spellbound. Perhaps the greatest documentary of American nerdery every filmed. Interesting, Jakob was convinced he’d never seen it before. In fact, he had, he realized about ten minutes in but neglected to come clean in the post-viewing discussion.

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