About how big was the egg that Igor hatched from? And is there a black market for such eggs?

July 13, 2010

A Pennsylvanian farmer compares a chicken egg and an Igor egg.

Igor eggs are roughly the size of—or a little smaller than—an ostrich egg. The main distinctions are a more milky-green hue and an inexplicable constant ooze which seems to emerge from within the shell. It smells faintly of rotting cucumber. If it does not smell, the egg is “bad” and should not be purchased.

There is no need for a black market in Igor eggs. They are not regulated and you can find them quite easily at any Pennsylvania farmers’ market. While in season (September through November) they are quite often sold from stalls on the side of the highway.

I would, however, recommend staying away from the “Eggor” omelette sold at many local restaurants. Unless you appreciate the flavour of sulphur and mold, it is probably an “acquired” taste.

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