Episode 74 – Bard Times

July 23, 2010

Kill Shakespeare creators Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col at TCAF 2010

There’s no shortage of people who wished they could kill their highschool English teacher in the middle of a unit on King Lear. Or, one better, kill Shakespeare himself.

No other body of work has ever been so universally perceived as the driest form of torture imaginable. Most people would rather chew chalk dust then sit through MacBeth or even (perhaps especially?) The Merry Wives of  Windor.

The irony is the world of Shakespeare is still one of the juiciest, bloodiest and sexiest to ever exist on the stage or on the page. Too bad all the gravy is sopped up by the stale bread of outmoded diction.

People are always trying to rehydrate the Bard though. From Tom Stoppard to manga publishers to Ethan Hawk, Shakespeare adaptations and updations are as perennial as that which we call a rose. Some are successful, some are mere sound and fury, signifying nothing.

The latest fair youths to update The King of Shadows are writers Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery and artist Andy Belanger. Co-creators of new IDW comic series Kill Shakespeare (which hit the stage a few months ago), the trio have earned great applause for their toil and trouble.

Recently, Jakob and Del Col met up at Toronto’s Deer Park Public Library where they discussed Old Willie, Tarantino, the comic itself, and Boba Fett—in hushed, conspiratorial tones.

Jakob and Mandi couldn’t take the Shakespearian plot devices and summer-stock acting anymore so this week they left GalacTALKa to Igor and The Banana.

They discuss the first two episodes of BSG Season 4.5 and are paid a visit by Igor’s newest creation, The Manicorn. Whom everyone agrees is dorn handsome.

About how big was the egg that Igor hatched from? And is there a black market for such eggs?

July 13, 2010

A Pennsylvanian farmer compares a chicken egg and an Igor egg.

Igor eggs are roughly the size of—or a little smaller than—an ostrich egg. The main distinctions are a more milky-green hue and an inexplicable constant ooze which seems to emerge from within the shell. It smells faintly of rotting cucumber. If it does not smell, the egg is “bad” and should not be purchased.

There is no need for a black market in Igor eggs. They are not regulated and you can find them quite easily at any Pennsylvania farmers’ market. While in season (September through November) they are quite often sold from stalls on the side of the highway.

I would, however, recommend staying away from the “Eggor” omelette sold at many local restaurants. Unless you appreciate the flavour of sulphur and mold, it is probably an “acquired” taste.

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Episode 69 – Sexy Hurdles Part Deux: Sex Shops

June 11, 2010

Heh heh. The window says Additional Entrance In Rear. Heh heh.

One has to wonder if there’s a natural reason humans surround sex with so much shame. Since continuing to bump uglies is as essential for the survival of our species as figuring out how to fix global warming, what could be the evolutionary advantage to shrouding sex with negative associations?

And is it the sex or the gauche cheesiness that makes sex shops such a hurdle for so many people?

And why are sex toys so expensive? The first time I set foot in a sex shop I was struck by two impressions. A) What is that smell? and B) I can’t afford any of this stuff!

Whatever the reasons philosphers ans sociologists will never be able to discover, people have hurdles surrounding sex. In spite of being a moderate Kevin Smith movie fan and an avid listener of Smodcast, I’d been avoiding Zack and Miri Make a Porno since I first saw a poster for it in the subway station. Something about it just have me a “no feeling” as Mandi is apt to say. Whether it was the concept of debt-riddled roomates turning to porn to pay the bills was too close to the unfunny circumstances of junkies turning to porn to support their habbit or just the childlike word “porno” gives me icky shivers like the word “panties” does, I did not want to see the film.

After having hidden it under my coffee table for six months, we finally watched it. Did we hurdle it? Did it have a heart like Chasing Amy and Smith’s best films? Was it merely a Judd Apatow rip-off as the trailers suggested. You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out.

iGor™ sneak peek leak!

February 10, 2010

We at The Hurdled Nerd are pretty stoked to get the first photo of the iGor™, the highly anticipated new lifestyle device from the Bananacorporation.

“The iGor™ is not just about goring eyeballs. Need to find a cadaver? Need to keep track of your masters’ mealtimes? Want to find mad scientist movies to download? There’s an app for that. And more!”

Or so says a draft of the press-release from the Banana corporation. Will the iGor™ live up to the hype? It’s hard to say for sure just yet. But if the above photo is anything to go on, we think the iPad will have some serious competition in the lifestyle device market this spring.


December 18, 2009

Nerd Hurdles is one year old today! To celebrate we opened the mailbag, and a bottle or two, and answered questions by listeners new and old. Things run a bit long and, by the end, devolve into chaos. It’s The Banana’s fault, really. If there’s a more appropriate way to celebrate one year of nerdery, tangents and love … well, we couldn’t think of what it was so you get this instead.

Things we talked about:

  • Derek Prinsloo sent us this photo of some Star Wars nerdwear.
  • Stephen Rivers sent us these two links to some Star Trek slash.
  • We didn’t talk about it, but Craig Denniston sent us this picture letting everyone know how Twilight should have ended (as if we didn’t know).
  • And this is Jakob’s musical guilty pleasure. Although this newer, Russian language video of theirs needs to be watched to the end. Holy crap. Awesome.

But in order to answer GAB’s questions, we had to go on a road trip… Read the rest of this entry »

Episode 026: Half Blood Prince (Special Edition)

July 25, 2009

We talk to Kumar through the floo network, are visted by Eliza’s patronus and Ben sends us a muggle recording by owl while Igor annoys Mandi.

There’s a moment in the Half Blood Prince movie that is sublime. It’s when Harry takes a shrooms tincture and hallucinated he’s at a funeral for a ginormous spider. It’s pure gold. That kid is hillarious high. Here’s a clip of him at one of his E parties.

Speaking of parties, this week we talk to Kumar through the floo network, are visted by Eliza’s patronus and Ben sends us a muggle recording by owl while Igor (seen being a creeper here) annoys Mandi.

Click here for Episode 26!

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