Good week for nerdery

September 2, 2009

This was a banner week for nerds. Most notably Disney bought Marvel Comics. The dorkosphere went nuts. Apparently there are fears (or should that read hopes?) we’ll see Mickey/Wolverine crossovers. I’m not sure what what people are worried about, if they are in fact worried and not just poking fun, since corporate take-overs are pretty common in the publishing world. Most likely it’ll be business as usual at Marvel and they just have a new line of credit from the Mouse to help the operations run smoothly. And maybe new owners will breathe new life into Marvel. What Marvel done lately other than  milk  the popularity of characters created 50 years ago. Who better than Disney to help break them of that habit?

IKEA had the opportunity to highlight a lesser-known subset of nerds this week. The font nerd. IKEA had been famous for using the font Futura in all their catalogs and adverts. The font was so synonymous with the furniture retailer that if you wanted to give your document a little of that “IKEA style”, you just changed the font to Futura and clicked “save”. This week IKEA changed their signature font to Verdana. The dorkosphere went nuts. I suspect a lot of the outrage was due to the fact designers have come to count on Futura being  associated with a certain look and lifestyle. Modern but not too serious, clean but not sterile. Now a little more thinking will have to be involved.

Snow Leopard was released as well. The dorkosphere went nuts. One thing Apple has always done well is make an OS upgrade into a spectacle of salivating anticipation. When Windows offers an OS upgrade, it’s seen as a hassle or a non-event. Especially when the OS has “no new visual improvements.”

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