Episode 128 – Geek Girls

September 16, 2011

When we sat down to chat about nerdy girls with Ro Karen of Starbase 66, her infamous Beloved claimed she wasn’t going to say a single word. So we didn’t give her a microphone. That didn’t stop her. At all. Welcome to The Beloved Show.

I noticed something interesting while Googling “geek girls” to get an image for the episode banner. I came across a lot of pictures of girls you could argue are not even remotely geeks or nerds. I would classify them as being hot girls who appear to use cosplay as yet another excuse to bear midriff in public.

Of course, that’s just a superficial reading of their photos. And by “photos” I mean cleavage. But I posit that you could take them out of the vinyl and chrome bikini and they’d probably still have no problem finding someone to sit with at lunch. Isn’t being smoking hot somehow the antithesis of being a geek?

Or is “geek” a connotation of a person’s sphere of interest whereas the term “nerd” specifically refers to a person’s instability to relate to their peers on a social level?

A geek uses Linux and a nerd uses Linux but never leaves their basement where they spend hours on internet forums telling Windows users they’re complete morons?

Perhaps. However you divvy up the nomenclature, geek girls have arrived.


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