Episode 208: Cosplay

July 7, 2015


This topic was suggested by listener Rose in a lovely letter she sent us. She may regret that now as we don’t really know all that much about cosplay, its origins or the culture surrounding it. At least we don’t try to talk about it that much directly and instead focus on issues of personal identity, sexuality, dress codes and cultural appropriation.

Nerd Hurdles Special Editions

January 22, 2014


Before we joined the Simply Syndicated network, the first 31 episodes of Nerd Hurdles were hosted on Podbean. Technically, they still are. But since letting our pro-account lapse there’s been a bandwidth problem were the files are only available for about the first half of the month before they hit the free-account ceiling. While SimSyn’s hosting was on Libsyn, we started releasing these episodes as “Special Editions” with newly recorded introductions. When SimSyn moved our hosting to Soundcloud, those files were again lost (we’d only managed to upload the first 10 anyway). So, here they are once more; uploaded to a 3rd audio service and hopefully the last.

Check out the Episode Guide (or click the Special Editions category) to find them all, but this is first one. TWILIGHT. Whoa! We started off with a pretty damn big hurdle.

Episode 181: Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

December 24, 2013


Jakob, Mandi and Kathie go to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. That last part is important. There was no actual time travel involved.

Additional historical references:

She Does The City (Blog): Flirting With A Knight In Shining Armour 

A Trip to Medieval Times,  Toronto

A Knight Explains His Job…

Special Editions: Project GalacTALKa (part 1 of 3)

November 21, 2012

People often ask us when we’re going to do a BSG episode, forgetting that we did about a dozen. When we tell them about our Project GalacTALKa segments, instead of seeking them out they ask us when we’re going to put out a compilation of all our BSG bits. Well, since Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome recently hit the YouTubes, we figured this is as good a time as any.

So here is part 1 of 3 of our journey into one of the most celebrated sci-fi televisions shows of all time.


Episode 156 – don’t believe the HYPE

October 10, 2012

Click here to download the hype

If your wish is to lead a happy, fulfilled existence, then a Taoist master might instruct you to live without expectation. It’s certainly an endeavor worth attempting so long as you don’t expect to feel happy or fulfilled. But at the very least you won’t be quite so baffled by how a great percentage of the population seems to believe The Godfather is the best movie ever made.

Perhaps it’s not truly the worst film ever made, but by the time Mandi and I got around to watching Coppola‘s gangland classic, there wasn’t even the glimmer of a chance it could live up to the hype. Our preconceptions indelibly coloured our viewing experience.

The Godfather didn’t just have to live up to the hyperbolic praise of its fans, it had to live up to our own deeply personal and unique judgements of what an “unsurpassed masterpiece” is (or just what a good mobster movie might be). Inevitably, it didn’t score well on either of our subconscious checklists. Because of the hype, it’s a film I find I’m personally incapable of judging on its own merits. I can’t be objective. The hype, in this case, is insurmountable.

Similarly, I suspect that if I’d somehow never heard of The Dark Knight and rented it on a whim one night, I’d have probably thought it was pretty good. A bit hokey and maybe  Heath Ledger‘s performance is a little too absurdly over-the-top… but hey, it’s a goddamn Batman movie. That’s all completely to be expected. I’d probably have enjoyed it instead of being deeply irritated by the mediocrity of the “best film ever.”

I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say we’ve all had a viewing or reading experience ruined by hype a few times in our lives. Plenty of terrific (or at least perfectly decent) films, books and television shows just don’t have a chance living up to our expectations—including, not un-ironically, Great Expectations.

Luckily, no one over-hypes Nerd Hurdles.

THE NERDS KNOW: For those of you hoping we’d talk about Star Trek more, we spend most of the episode responding to Chris Lockhart‘s email regarding our Voyager episode. Send in your feedback and questions to nerds@nerdhurdles.com.

March: Urine Batteries and Turd Temperatures

April 5, 2011

how to make urine battery: Bwhaat? Apparently this is an ACTUAL THING. Personally, I look forward to the day when our homes are powered by our own wee-wee.

interwebz internet badass nerd: I was picturing some kind of gamer wearing a special cyber glove and 3D goggles but This is the image Google gave me. Holy fuckballs, indeed.

do i look like angelina jolie: Are you a skull wearing a set of oversized wax lips stuck on the end of a broomstick? But seriously, I love that someone Googled this. And for those who want to emulate Angelina’s look but don’t have a set of wax lips, here’s a handy guide.

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Episode 97 – Growing Up Nerd

January 14, 2011

Nerds gotta come from somewhere.

Unsurprisingly, like all youths and adults, they come from small children. But are nerds born or are they made? That’s a puzzle that’s never been satisfactorily solved. Yes, shockingly, even on this episode we don’t come up with the definitive answer.

Jakob: Ten-year-old weirdo. Who wouldn’t hit that in kissing tag?

So many factors could make a child a nerd. ADHT, Asperger’s Syndrome, parents with dorky fashion sense, an over-active imagination, intelligence, poor eyesight… the proverbial list could fill a data base (created by someone who was a nerd as a child, no doubt).

Some people grow out of their nerdiness. All it might take is growing old enough to wrest control of their wardrobe from their mom who thinks velour is the last word in fashion.

Other’s have no choice but to be nerds. It’s just who they are. Too earnest, too good, too smart, too socially obtuse. It has nothing to do with fashion, eyewear or their interests, it’s in their very DNA (Dork-Nerd-Algorithm).

Interestingly, many things that earmark adults as nerds aren’t nerdy in childhood and vice versa. An eight-year-old playing with Star Wars figures is your average child. A twenty-eight-year-old building a Millenium Falcon out of Lego is a nerd. A child building a circuit out of a battery, some wires and a LED is a science nerd, an adult doing the same thing is an electrician.

Perhaps we’ll never know the answer. What are your stories?

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