Weird Search Terms June 2012: geeks are truly nerds

July 1, 2012

we so special aren’t we: We is that. So special we due for a pocalypse.

selene underworld porn pitchers: Toss those videos right in here. Schwing battabattabatta schwing!

بورن هوب سكس سكس امريكي اغتصاب: “Born U.S. hop sex sex rape” WTF ? Maybe something was lost in the translation?  O_o

rape sexy movie for adults: Sure, they’re classics but those Disney rape sexy movies are watered-down versions for the kiddies.

seven of nine cameltoe: Also weird camel-ribs. What’s up with those?

stargate captain carter cameltoe: Carter Cameltoe got a lot of ribbing about his name at the Academy.

seven of nine chakotay fanfiction: That is the least likely… no… just no.

dan mully & foxx sculder: It’s finally happened. Porn stars have run out of names.

“nerd swords”: Starring Dan Mully and Foxx Sculder.

famous people with asperger’s: An interesting LIST though their definition of “famous” seems a little debatable. Oddly, Dan Mully does not appear.

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Episode 149 – The Definitive Nerd

June 18, 2012

Click to listen to Nerd Hurdles podcast do The Definitive Word podcast


This was our contribution to the aborted Simply Syndicated “switch-up” fundraiser. It’s our take on The Definitive Word which was Jakob’s gateway podcast. We recorded this episode almost two years ago exactly and have absolutely no idea what might be on it. If we did the original justice, it’s a sack of rambling, tangential gibberish.


Episode 130 – Going To The Library

October 12, 2011


This week we are joined by our soft-spoken librarian friend Stephen about the most hallowed of all nerd haunts, the public library. Together we comb the stacks in search of the fiction, non-fiction and history behind the stigmas and stereotypes of the institution, its employees and its patrons.

Links: We would have written about famous librarians in pop culture but a blog called The Despectacled Librarian has already done more research on the subject than we care to.
Librarians in song

Librarians on TV
Librarians in movies

Libreas Podcast (as in Library Ideas… see what they done there?). Interestingly the name is a pun in English but the podcast is actually in German.

Search Terms September: Darth Porn and Stupid Giant Robots

October 3, 2011

darth porn: I guess George Lucas is running out of words with negative connotations to name new Sith characters after. Darth Tax Au’dit, Darth Plahd Sh’ert and  Darth Hemor-Rhoid all failed to inspire the requisite sense of menace.

darth redenbacher how to draw tie fighter: This is a perfectly legitimate search in itself. I started formulating a joke about instead giving instructions for drawing a bow tie and then MY BRAIN IMPLODED. It’s taken me 34 years to figure out they’re called TIE Fighters because they look like fucking bow ties. Fuck you George Lucas and your bullshit naming conventions.

huge thai fighter fuck:
I know it’s entirely unrelated, but now I can only picture Orville Redenbacher fucking a Thai boxing ladyboy.

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Search Terms, August 2011: worse than fanfics

September 1, 2011

They say April is the cruellest month. They’ve clearly never been to Ontario is bloody August. Must be the same everywhere though as people clearly went crazy with the heat.

“john de lancie” “stephen harper”: This is perhaps the most baffling combination of personages I have ever been forced to consider. I really hope it doesn’t mean Q is going to play Harper in a bio-pic or a mini-series. Or that Stephen Harper is trying to figure out how to literally become an all-powerful entity. Most likely someone was looking for this forum thread.

gifs, nerdy: Not particularily nerdy, but these GIFs are pretty amazing. Calling them “cinemagraphs” is actually pretty nerdy. Or douchie.

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Episode 114 – Wil Wheaton Special

May 27, 2011

Wil Wheaton. AKA Wesley Crusher. AKA @wilw. AKA the king of the nerds. Hated by Trekkies, loved by Mandi. And now loved by everyone (1,825,339 people on Twitter at least). As a popular internet fauxtivational poster meme states, never has public dislike been so good for an actor’s career.

The man truly is a testament to nerd pride. Loathed by proxy due his spot-on portrayal of a 24th century nerd, I think pretty much everyone had written him off as a has been once he left Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Wesley Crusher in LederhosenThen something amazing happened. Wil Wheaton let his nerd flag fly on his blog, and then Twitter, and people began to love him for all the same attributes they hated Wesley Crusher. He was smart, earnest, geeky, awkward, a little conceited at times, a little cripplingly self-loathing at times and simply someone nerds could relate to.

Though the character Wesley might have been too close to home—too much of an unforgiving  nerd mirror—for many Trekkies, Wil Wheaton was able to be openly nerdy and help others proudly exit the nerd closet.

Nearly two million people follow him on Twitter now and I would think none of them do so for the same train wreck voyeurism they were hoping to get from Charlie Sheen‘s feed. Instead, it’s because Wil really is (to quote the title of his book) just a geek. When an @wilw tweet shows up in your feed, it’s probably no different from the tweets of any of your nerdy friends. There are times I forget I don’t actually know him.

And now, in an unpredictable coupe, Wheaton is the go-to cameo actor for any show trying to gain geek cred. From The Guild to Big Bang Theory, Wil’s coat-tails have been well-ridden of late. If you’d asked me in 1987 if this would ever come to pass, I’d have chortled mightily.

Actually, I’d have thought the concept there could even be a “king of the nerds”, and not just the butt of jokes (i.e., Revenge of the Nerds), would’ve been an absurdity.

We’ve come a long way, baby.

She’s Having a Baby (his first cameo?):

On River Phoenix’s death:

Nerd(s) of the Month Nov/Dec 2010

December 15, 2010

Another two-fer Nerd of the Month since we only got halfway on the ball with the Sept/October round-up. Best intentions oft go stuff themselves. We do one better this time around and actually give you a three-fer of NOTMs.

November 2010: Graeme Taylor & Some British Kid

Graeme Taylor, gay-defender-defending gay kid:

And this “British Teen” whose name I can’t seem to find on the Internet:

Ignore for the moment that they have the same haircut and might be the same kid putting on different accents, these young men have been all the rage in the media for speaking their minds.

They are joint NOTMs for the month of November as a reminder there’s more to being a nerd than spells and lasers, there’s also holding strong to higher ideals against the tide of jaded apathy. It’s tougher to do when you’re young and being “cool” often mean appearing to “not give a shit.”

Of course, we learn as we get older that being “cool” means keeping a level head and remaining rational when fighting for the things that really matter to you.

But that’s not what the media tells us. The epitome of Hollywood cool, James Dean’s Jim Stark, wasn’t actually cool; he was an emo-douchebag who didn’t have the stones to be honest with himself or anyone around him.

The archetype for true cool often goes unrecognised. Leonard Nimoy’s portrayal of Spock is downright chilly in comparison. Unless meddled with by some alien entity, Spock keeps his attitude frosty even in the most dire circumstances. Even in death, he remained stoic.

Similarly, another cool customer would be none other than Han Solo.  Not only does he shoot first and name snarky comments later, when faced with certain imminent death he keeps his emotions in check. To the point of acknowledging Leia‘s declaration of love with a simple, “I know.”

Actually, that’s kind of a douchebag move. But not emo. Han Solo was no mopey Edward.

And to varying degrees both these young men have a little Spock and a little Han Solo in them. Mostly Spock. And mostly just the hair.

December 2010: Christmas Food Court Flash Mob

Eh, it’s seasonal. Mandi likes it and there’s no denying these folks are HUGE NERDS.

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