Episode 97 – Growing Up Nerd

January 14, 2011

Nerds gotta come from somewhere.

Unsurprisingly, like all youths and adults, they come from small children. But are nerds born or are they made? That’s a puzzle that’s never been satisfactorily solved. Yes, shockingly, even on this episode we don’t come up with the definitive answer.

Jakob: Ten-year-old weirdo. Who wouldn’t hit that in kissing tag?

So many factors could make a child a nerd. ADHT, Asperger’s Syndrome, parents with dorky fashion sense, an over-active imagination, intelligence, poor eyesight… the proverbial list could fill a data base (created by someone who was a nerd as a child, no doubt).

Some people grow out of their nerdiness. All it might take is growing old enough to wrest control of their wardrobe from their mom who thinks velour is the last word in fashion.

Other’s have no choice but to be nerds. It’s just who they are. Too earnest, too good, too smart, too socially obtuse. It has nothing to do with fashion, eyewear or their interests, it’s in their very DNA (Dork-Nerd-Algorithm).

Interestingly, many things that earmark adults as nerds aren’t nerdy in childhood and vice versa. An eight-year-old playing with Star Wars figures is your average child. A twenty-eight-year-old building a Millenium Falcon out of Lego is a nerd. A child building a circuit out of a battery, some wires and a LED is a science nerd, an adult doing the same thing is an electrician.

Perhaps we’ll never know the answer. What are your stories?

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