Episode 007: Herd of Nerds (Special Edition)

February 25, 2009

Sci-Fi Conventions. Jakob’s never been to one, Mandi’s been to a few. What makes them so embarrassing, weird and downright icky? And does Jakob only refuse to go to one because George Lucas murdered his inner child?

A NOTE ON THE SPECIAL EDITIONS: Before we joined the Simply Syndicated network, the first 31 episodes of Nerd Hurdles were hosted on Podbean. Technically, they still are. But since letting our pro-account lapse there’s been a bandwidth problem were the files are only available for the first half of the month before they hit the Podbean ceiling. While SimSyn’s hosting was on Libsyn, we started releasing these episodes as “Special Editions” with newly recorded introductions. When SimSyn moved our hosting to Soundcloud, those files were again lost (and we’d only managed to upload the first 10 anyway). So, here they are once more; uploaded to a 3rd audio service and hopefully the last.

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