October 14, 2009

It seems that it’s the Podcast Awards nomination season again. That’s at podcastwards.com. A whole dot com devoted to awarding podcasts with awards of podcasting merit. It would be awesome if Nerd Hurdles won an award. It would make an amazing marketing tool. We could put it in our iTunes synopsis. “The award-winning Nerd Hurdles podcast blah blah blah.” Actually, we could do it now. The internet is great like that. We won the Nobel Prize in Podcasting. Google-me-wrong. Show me where it says we did not win the Nobel Prize in Podcasting.

Speaking of iTunes, I just realized our new iTunes feed (the one that says “Simply Syndicated” under it) could use some reviews. If you’ve written a glowing review for us on iTunes for our Ampersand Publishing account, we love you for it. If you want to retain our love, please cut and paste your review (see, we’re making it easy for you) into the new page. We’ll give you a the Nobel Prize in Awesomeness.

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