Episode 222: Breast Feeding

October 14, 2016


Mandi and Jakob had a baby. It’s been… an experience. From the terror and trauma of childbirth to the trials, tribulations and total hell that is breast feeding, it’s been a month-long journey on a hard road paved with scabs and slick with numerous bodily fluids. Parenthood is, apparently, a complete horror show.

On the plus side, they’ve watched a lot of the underrated Star Trek: Enterprise.


October 14, 2009

It seems that it’s the Podcast Awards nomination season again. That’s at podcastwards.com. A whole dot com devoted to awarding podcasts with awards of podcasting merit. It would be awesome if Nerd Hurdles won an award. It would make an amazing marketing tool. We could put it in our iTunes synopsis. “The award-winning Nerd Hurdles podcast blah blah blah.” Actually, we could do it now. The internet is great like that. We won the Nobel Prize in Podcasting. Google-me-wrong. Show me where it says we did not win the Nobel Prize in Podcasting.

Speaking of iTunes, I just realized our new iTunes feed (the one that says “Simply Syndicated” under it) could use some reviews. If you’ve written a glowing review for us on iTunes for our Ampersand Publishing account, we love you for it. If you want to retain our love, please cut and paste your review (see, we’re making it easy for you) into the new page. We’ll give you a the Nobel Prize in Awesomeness.

Episode 018: Podcastration (Special Edition)

May 18, 2009

Podcasts. Lots of people don’t listen to them. Obviously, you’re not one of them. Why don’t people listen to podcasts? Too nerdy? Too much hassle? Too poddy?

A NOTE ON THE SPECIAL EDITIONS: Before we joined the Simply Syndicated network, the first 31 episodes of Nerd Hurdles were hosted on Podbean. Technically, they still are. But since letting our pro-account lapse there’s been a bandwidth problem were the files are only available for the first half of the month before they hit the Podbean ceiling. While SimSyn’s hosting was on Libsyn, we started releasing these episodes as “Special Editions” with newly recorded introductions. When SimSyn moved our hosting to Soundcloud, those files were again lost (and we’d only managed to upload the first 10 anyway). So, here they are once more; uploaded to a 3rd audio service and hopefully the last.

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