Ask The Nerds: Re-cast Questionable Content

October 14, 2010

Q: If you could cast QC with real actors, who would you choose? Or, alternatively, if you could cast it with characters from a TV show, which one would you choose and how would you cast them?

A: Friends

Martin = Ross (Neurotic everyman with black hair)|
Faye = Rachel (Wisecracking girl with daddy issues)
Hannalore = Phoebe (Blonde wacko)
Sven = Joey (Really only  in the “ladies man” aspect)
Angus = Chandler (Wisecracker with foot-in-mouth disease)
Dora = Monica (OCD brunette working in the food industry)
Coffee of Doom = Central Perk
Living in same apartment building = Living in same apartment building

Well. It turns out Jeph Jacques basically just recast Friends by hair colour. Never noticed that before. Huh…

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