April Search Terms: Don’t make me release the flying monkeys

May 4, 2011

April showers bring May weirdos. We were showered with odd search terms this month.

don’t make me release the flying monkeys: And if you don’t settle down back there, I’ll pull this tornado over and whoop those ruby slippers right off your feet. Actually a tornado is the only explanation for this search ending up here.

christina aguilera importants events in his live: Gender reassignment surgery, August 2011 — A live pay-per-view broadcast.

significant dates of christina aguilera: Bob Saget, dinner and a movie, no make-outs. Conan O’Brien, niece’s wedding, quickie behind the chapel. Vin Diesel, Swan Lake at The Met, sensual back-rubs. Lady Gaga… Yeah, in your dreams, grandma.

keanu reeves personal life 2011: For some reason I keep thinking Keanu is dead. Maybe that’s just his career.

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Episode 109 – Atheism

April 22, 2011

Last Easter we did “Jesus” as a hurdle. Certainly a topic we could visit again, but I thought we should switch it up this time around. At first blush,  Atheism might seem like a strange nerd hurdle. If you’re a person of faith, you’re not avoiding atheism because it’s “nerdy” or “over-hyped” and no one’s asking you to become a non-believer.

Or historically that was the case. But recently things have changed. Atheists are no longer living by the golden rule, doing unto others as they’d have others do unto them. They’re no longer turning the other cheek and have begun casting the first stone. Atheists seem to no longer be content to go on not-believing and letting people believe whatever nonsense they want—they’re out to convert people now.

In recent year, they’ve been getting more and more dogmatic in their battle against religious dogma. Now it’s a crusade, a ministry spreading its own brand of dogma. It’s beginning to feel a bit like a religion itself with Richard Dawkins as its patron saint. The hypocrisy of this increasingly ferocious movement has become enough to make me hesitant to describe  myself as an atheist.

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