Episode 128 – Geek Girls

September 16, 2011

When we sat down to chat about nerdy girls with Ro Karen of Starbase 66, her infamous Beloved claimed she wasn’t going to say a single word. So we didn’t give her a microphone. That didn’t stop her. At all. Welcome to The Beloved Show.

I noticed something interesting while Googling “geek girls” to get an image for the episode banner. I came across a lot of pictures of girls you could argue are not even remotely geeks or nerds. I would classify them as being hot girls who appear to use cosplay as yet another excuse to bear midriff in public.

Of course, that’s just a superficial reading of their photos. And by “photos” I mean cleavage. But I posit that you could take them out of the vinyl and chrome bikini and they’d probably still have no problem finding someone to sit with at lunch. Isn’t being smoking hot somehow the antithesis of being a geek?

Or is “geek” a connotation of a person’s sphere of interest whereas the term “nerd” specifically refers to a person’s instability to relate to their peers on a social level?

A geek uses Linux and a nerd uses Linux but never leaves their basement where they spend hours on internet forums telling Windows users they’re complete morons?

Perhaps. However you divvy up the nomenclature, geek girls have arrived.


Beloved’s Dumbass Girl blog.

Nerd Girl Pin-Ups.

Random geek girl blog.

Actual hot geeks, not just models in Superman bikini’s (mostly).

Episode 73 – Radio Free Hurdles (Gag Reel 3)

July 16, 2010

We’re not sure if people even like these “gag reel” episodes but we pull them out whenever there wouldn’t otherwise be an episode. Mandi was away at the Winnipeg Folk Festival last week and Jakob was busy recording an interview for next week’s show, so this is what you get. Flawed hurdles are better than no hurdles at all, right? Amirite?

Okay, well. Here’s our third gag reel episode anyway.

This time around we’re not just serving up a smorgasbord of gaffs, but some choice cuts and never before heard classics like:

  • Memories of Kurt Cobain (15 minutes of tangent from either the 1st or 2nd Zombies episode)
  • Mediocracy (unreleased Idiocracy mini-episode recorded in March 2009)
  • Inthest ith betht (Igor & Banana warm-up for Sexy Hurdles 2)
  • Buffy / Twin Peaks re-cast (out-take from Buffy)
  • Trevor smoking in the boy’s room at a Motley Crue concert
  • Igor ‘Grew a Banana (Making a merkin with Ro Karen)
  • And much, much more!


Episode 71 – Trials and Tribulations of Nerds in The Workplace

June 25, 2010

After high school, the most dangerous place for the common nerd is the workplace. Or is it?

It really all depends on the workplace in question. An investment office full of ambitious, privileged, pretty people might not be a safe haven for a dumpy, balding man with a moderate case of Aspergers. But he might be revered as a guru at the comic shop.

Or he might get fired for sexually harassing “the girl” who works there.

But extreme situations aside, many people feel the need to hide their nerdy inclinations from their colleagues. And it’s too bad since they might find out there’s a fellow Trekkie two cubicles down if they weren’t afraid of ridicule around the water-cooler.

And it’s no wonder people are afraid. Whenever coworkers find out I like Star Trek and sci-fi they always say something to the effect of, “Really? I didn’t think you would be into that kind of thing!” with barely disguised disdain. I find it amusing  but someone less at ease with their own nerdiness may feel the need to cry away the shame in a bathroom stall.

Also amusing is when they think they’re being reassuring and supportive by saying, “But you’re not a… a nerd.”

I usually just say, “Yeah, I am kind of,” and refrain from pointing out they’re a big nerd too. Probably bigger than me. Like closeted gays who rattle off homophobic epithets to protect themselves from their own desires, the biggest offenders of workplace nerd-bashing are closeted nerds. Another reason the Nerd Pride movement is so important.

ugly betty
They even make sitcoms about nerds facing discrimination in the workplace.

By and large, Mandi and I have been lucky. We’ve both worked exclusively in nerd-friendly environments. Mandi worked at a Nerd Store (comics, role-playing games, magic supplies—as in actual stage magic, not the card game) and historical reenactment Fort, and I’ve worked at video stores and record stores before moving on to the uber-geeky environment of mid-level government offices.

Record stores may seem like hot-beds of cool from the outside, but you’ll never find a more wretched hive of nerds and geekery. Sure, the odd coolie-woolie comes in looking for the hippest new record by the hippest new band from Brooklyn, but the regulars are guys looking for first-pressings of ’70s prog bands or Japanese pressings of Deep Purple records with the obi intact.

I ask you who’s nerdier: A guy looking for a specific Spiderman comic or a dude looking for a specific bluegrass 78 from the 1930s? I’ve seen both and let me tell you, anyone looking for 78s is beyond hope.

So the other side of the counter is pretty much the safest place for a nerd to work. I’ve also seen nerds’ social statuses skyrocket as soon as they became record store employees. It’s a sad statement on society and the sheep-like nature of human beings, but it’s a fact. Record stores turn nerds from pumpkins into princesses. Too bad they really are going to be a thing of the past in about five to ten years.

Nerd-bashing certainly can be a danger in the workplace, we’ve just never experienced it. But normies should take note and watch this classic study on what can result from workplace nerd abuse. Be careful who you marginalize.

LINK: We reference a Karen who bought actress Suzie Plakson‘s vulcan ears. And we say some stuff about that. You can read about that HERE for context.

Episode 63 – BSG: Psychodyke and the Razors

April 30, 2010
helena cain, six, starbuck, razor

This week we’re joined by Ro Karen of the Starbase 66 podcast to discuss the BSG movie, Razor, and the psychodyke admiral known as Helena Cain.

Other guests include the esteemed Kathryn Janeway and everyone’s favourite unemployed supernanny, Mary Shelley’s Merkin, who join Igor and The Banana on a double-date.

Epside 61 – Complete TOSsers

April 16, 2010

This week Jakob and Mandi talk about the show that, ultimately, brought them together. Without “Star Trek” being in his online dating profile, Mandi wouldn’t have had anything to say  “Brave move” about. Well. One less thing.

Anyway, the original Star Trek must be a big deal because so many people have parodied it over the years.

Diamonds in the wine

September 10, 2009

When our Starbase 66 friends came to visit, Kennedy brought some Canadian tetra pak wine (20 Bees) for Karen and her Dearly Beloved which they “forgot” at Mandi’s place. Eventually it ended up at my place and then in our tummies.

Upon emptying the box we noticed it was rattling as if it were full of sand. Dumping this sand out, it appeared to be sand made out of glass. Not sharp, but hard and clear and seemingly non soluble in liquid. In fact we couldn’t see how it could be anything other than glass. Perhaps it had been in the grapes and had been ground down in the grape crushing process. Curious, Mandi sent the winery this letter:

Dear 20 Bees,
My partner and I were finishing off a tetra of your 2005 Grower’s red, and were a bit concerned to hear the empty carton rattling. After some inverted shaking we discovered a clear, hard, granular, glass-like substance coming out of the carton.
Is this normal, or do we have future careers as glass eaters at a circus?
Eagerly awaiting your reply, as the circus is leaving town soon, and we need to know if we should go with them.
Thanks, Mandi”

Their reply was interesting:

Thanks for you email….with regards to you question; what you found is not glass.  The crystal like substance that you have found is a known as Tartrate Crystals or Wine Diamonds.  The are caused by unstable tartaric acid and malic acid (natural acidity found in grapes and wines) that precipitate over time.  As this is a cosmetic issue, all wineries attempt to force the unstable precipitation of these acids in our tanks prior to bottling.  This process can take up to 3 to 5 weeks, and is done by chilling the wine down to – 4 C.  Once the precipitation is completed, we filter and then bottle or in this case, package the product.  Now over time, especially in med to full bodied reds, the precipitation of tannins during the aging of the wine will alter the pH and other parameters in the wine, which may cause further unstable precipitation of acids, and this is what you are experiencing.  According to wine writers such as Tony Aspler, wine diamonds are an indication of a good wine.

We will continue to strive to improve our quality control and hope that this has not deterred you from our products in the future.

20 Bees Winery Retail

Who knew? Probably a lot of wine connoisseurs. Myself, I was dubious about the vinters’ claim so I checked the internet and found wine diamonds are indeed a real thing and not a ridiculous cover up. They actually give Germans who go by Weinstien (wine stone) their name. Who knew? Probably the Germans.

Mandi replied:

20 Bees,
Thank you for your reply. That’s very interesting. Wine diamonds, fancy.  I am not deterred from future purchases of your product, but I am little disappointed to learn that I will not have a career with the circus.
Thanks again,  Mandi

I’m kind of sad we’re not joining the circus as well.

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