Coming To Terms: “i was a real turd in a hot tub… “

May 5, 2010

sexy hurdler: “Sexy Hurdler” was by far the most popular search term getting people to The Hurdled Nerd in April with a whopping 129 hits. That doesn’t include all the variations like “sexi hurlde.” Unfortunately, they’re not looking for our Sexy Hurdles episode, they’re looking for her. Or perhaps her.

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Pirate Bay walking the plank.

April 17, 2009

Nerds across the globe were outraged today as four founders of the torrent site Pirate Bay were made to walk the plank. I myself wasn’t among the outraged masses as I figure if you’re going to call your piracy-enabling site Pirate Bay and then try to hide behind the defence of being ignorant of what files your clientele were trading, you pretty much deserve whatever’s coming to you. This is besides the fact you’re scavenging off the corpse of other people’s work. Not that I have a lot of sympathy for Hollywood either since they seem to continue to break box office records with films of exponentially poorer quality. My real question is, why are people taking the time to download Transformers anyway? Or a torrent of all of Pussycat Dolls videos? Why are you downloading that? The fact Pirate Bay enabled people to download a torrent of every Rob Schneider film is reason enough to put them away. Maybe the Swedish courts can go after Bruckhiemer and Bay next. Can Mike Judge be charged for Idiocracy?

~ Jakob

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