Episode 017: Star Trek reboot premier (Special Edition)

May 14, 2009

We didn’t plan to make the Star Trek XI episode a “special” but it ended up being very special thanks to Michael and Roxanne who we met at a pre-opening night screening in Toronto. We brought our tricorder to record people in line’s thoughts going in, but found most nerds don’t want to have their nerdiness captured for worldwide broadcast on the intertubes. Also, there was no “line” per se as no one seemed to know the film was even opening. We had a nicely half-empty theatre to stretch out in. Afterwards, we got into Mike and Roxy’s Lumina  van to debrief on the experience, the results of which you can hear in #17  Nerd Trek The Motion Picture. They turned out to be fun people  involved with the Ad-Astra sci-fi and fantasy literature convention and not geek-nappers trolling sci-fi movies for victims.

Okay, so this is a Transport, not a Lumina, but you get the picture.

A small errata: Peter from Mediasaurs pointed out it’s a Corvette, not a Mustang in the film as I have mistakenly stated on the podcast and all over the internet. I honestly couldn’t force myself pay enough attention to that horrible scene to take note of the car. Also, I’m not the biggest car buff. It was red, right? It does make sense since Chevrolet makes the Corvette and the Lumina van. Clearly a Star Trek tie-in.

We forgot to come up with a Task for this week’s show. Go see the movie! That’s your task.

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