Simply Syndicated Meet-UP Toronto 2011

September 14, 2011

Last Saturday MAndi and I hosted a meet-up. Of course that doesn’t mean we actually arrived on time. Luckily intrepid forum members were more punctual and opened up the party room at Betty’s On King for us.

People came from as far away as England, the US and Guelph to mix it up with other podcasters and podcastees. It was a lot of fun and we’re already looking forward to the next one.

Photos: Kennedy Gordon | Videos: Kevin Archibald


EPISODE 100 – Nerd Hurdles vs. Starbase 66

February 4, 2011

It was bound to come down to this eventually. That’s right… Episode 100!

What better excuse to decide the question on everyone’s lips: Nerd Hurdles and Starbase 66… Which podcast is the bigger hurdle?

Klingon Commander, Kennedy “Kenny G Gordon storms the Hurdle Hut with his bat’leth to defend the Starbase’s honour. Jakob and Mandi use their Kirk-Fu against him.

Three nerds enter, three nerds, uh, leave. Pretty much unscathed. The Hurdle Hut isn’t exactly Thunderdome.



Episode 78: Thriftspotting

August 20, 2010

Have you ever found an original Han Solo figure still in the card for $2 at a thrift store or a yard sale? Probably not. But it’s the dream.

The reality (and nightmare) of thrifting is you’re in danger of ending up with a house full of broken-down, kitschy junk. Like the terrifying Baby Secret!

This guy is pretty annoying but you get to hear all of Baby Secret’s, uh, secrets in this clip.

Slightly more terrifying, if you can believe it, is the Reborn doll phenomenon.

Episode 67 – Scienced!

May 28, 2010

Somehow, nothing says “nerd” like “science” does. No matter how chic geek may get, a lab coat is never going to be a good look.

What I want to know is why in movies—usually pretty old ones—do mathematicians wear lab coats. Are they afraid they’re going to get numbers on their tweed? Or chalk dust? Okay, chalk dust is a valid concern. I don’t imagine many mathematicians want people to think they stuck their elbow in the huge pile of coke sitting in the middle of their desk. Unless they’re scenester mathematicians. Who’d probably wear lab coats. And listen to ArcAttack.

What is it that makes science so particularly nerdy though? Probably that it’s hard work and people are lazy.

If people can’t understand something from a 30-second soundbite, anyone who does understand it is going to be a nerd in their eyes. On one level, all being a nerd means is to put an effort into something. Whether it’s Star Wars trivia, thermodynamics, baseball stats or Arthurian studies, if you know more about it than can fit on the back of a cereal box, it’s nerdy.

People don’t like other people to be better than them. And arguably someone who can splice some genes together is better than you. So you’d better call them a nerd.

If you can splice genes together, and you’re looking for someone to splice genes with, you might want to try these pick-up lines at whatever nerd-ass gene-splicing bar you hang out at:

50 nerdy pick up lines

Science Pick Up Lines on Facebook.

Apparently Mandi and Drew Barrymore have something in common…

GalacTALKa returns from another hiatus with spoiler-heavy discussion of the first 4 proper episodes of season 4. BSG is getting better again.

Episode 37 – Dead Zombies Walking (Halloween part 2)

October 30, 2009

Far and away the search-term that lands the most people at Nerd Hurdles is “zombies.” It’s well into the hundreds and the next highest non-zombie related search-term is “borg queen” at 22. And I’d argue the Borg are just space zombies so “data star trek” at a count of 14 is the real runner-up. Since until this latest episode we’d only talked about zombies once (episode 21), this is a clear indication the public has gone rabid for zombies. And it’s not just googling nerds who have a hunger for the dead flesh, last weekend we walked amongst hundreds of punk, goth and hipster wannabe ghouls at the Toronto Zombie Walk 2009.

But why have the undead sprung to life? Something about shuffling brains-hungry corpses clearly resonates with the living population at a near universal level. I believe for the most part it’s due to the following three points: Read the rest of this entry »

Down for the count

October 20, 2009

Due to an increased interest in our back catalogue since joining Simply Syndicated, we’ve exceeded our monthly bandwidth allotment on our Podbean feed.

November 1st should see things back and running. We’ll be moving these old episodes over to Simply Syndicated over time as well (ironically that site is also down today doing a server refresh) . Until then, new episodes every friday.


October 14, 2009

It seems that it’s the Podcast Awards nomination season again. That’s at A whole dot com devoted to awarding podcasts with awards of podcasting merit. It would be awesome if Nerd Hurdles won an award. It would make an amazing marketing tool. We could put it in our iTunes synopsis. “The award-winning Nerd Hurdles podcast blah blah blah.” Actually, we could do it now. The internet is great like that. We won the Nobel Prize in Podcasting. Google-me-wrong. Show me where it says we did not win the Nobel Prize in Podcasting.

Speaking of iTunes, I just realized our new iTunes feed (the one that says “Simply Syndicated” under it) could use some reviews. If you’ve written a glowing review for us on iTunes for our Ampersand Publishing account, we love you for it. If you want to retain our love, please cut and paste your review (see, we’re making it easy for you) into the new page. We’ll give you a the Nobel Prize in Awesomeness.

Episode 34 – Artsy farts

October 9, 2009

Artsy farts. They ruin it for everyone. Especially performance artists. Nothing turns the general public off the arts more than someone gluing their pubic hair to a Volkswagon and calling “Art” (you gotta know it’s been done). We braved the all night artsy douchebaggery that was Nuit Blanch Toronto 2009 and managed to get enough sleep to talk about it.

And there was a lot of artsbaggery to survive. Nuit Blanche reminds me why I quit art school. Actually, when I quit I was as douchie an artist as the douchebag next to me. My views on art school are there’s only about one semester of theory and technique they can teach you (or not bother teaching you as it turned out with my profs) and then the rest is blood, sweat and practicing on your own. You got it, or you ain’t. It took me years to get back into making art.

This is what the Pixmaven instant art critique generator has this to say about this episode: “It should be added that the reductive quality of the figurative-narrative line-space matrix endangers the devious simplicity of the distinctive formal juxtapositions.”

Good performace art: Shara Rosko’s Glomerate.

Bad performance art:


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