Episode 157: Watching Star Trek With Noobs

November 8, 2012

Download Star Trek TNG episode

It’s quite easy to understand why a lot of people don’t like Star Trek. Even at its best it’s kind of cheesy. There’s spaceships, robots, green-painted women and a noticeable lack of contractions in speech. But part of the reason so many people dislike it is simply the law of averages—absolutely everyone has seen it.

Everyone, that is, except Victoria (aka Bella Fox).

Well, her and a few other people. But she’s the only one we know who’s actively into a plethora of really nerdy things and yet hadn’t sought it out.  Impressively, she managed to avoid it during  its near 24/7 syndication reign in the late 1990s and early 2000s. A near impossible feat regardless of whether you wanted to watch the show or not.

So, feeling her nerd cred was suffering, she asked us to help her (and Måthìaş who had seen a little Star Trek 15 years ago) boldly go where so many people have gone before…

Episodes watched: “The Pegasus” and “Homeward” from season 7 of The Next Generation.

The Ultimate Hurdle Cage Match Round 1: Star Trek Vs. Star Wars

December 3, 2010

What was meant to be a one-time debate to determine what the biggest nerd hurdle ever is, got derailed when we only made it through the first two fandoms on the list. To be fair, they’re two of the biggest. To be even more fair, tangents got in the way. So instead here is the first in a series of “Cage Matches” pitting fandoms against each other to eventually decide, once and for all, what is… THE ULTIMATE HURDLE.

Future fandoms will include: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Dr. Who, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Buffy, Firefly, Tabletop Gaming, Console Gaming, and… YOUR SUGGESTIONS! Email us, comment here or tell us on the forums what you think should be in the running for the big prize!

Also up for discussion, nerdy Christmas gifts from our past and eating at McDonalds. The latter of which we haven’t done since New Years Day 2010 while brutally hung over. What is it about the McDonalds cheese burger that neutalizes a hang-over? Though I seem to remember it didn’t actually work and I just wanted to die a little more.


Episode 64 – May The 4th Be With Us

May 7, 2010

We were sick when we recorded this episode on May the 4th, Star Wars Day. Not having the energy to work up to tackling this venerable topic was probably the only way we were going to work up to tackling it. In roughly the same frame of mind as Luke when he was half-dead and delirious in the Hoth tundra, we dove headfirst into this Sarlac pit. We give this beloved franchise about as much respect as a Wookie feels for himself after waking up in bed with a  couple shaved Ewoks and a killer hangover.


Coming to terms:Winter ’09

December 9, 2009

Search terms that lead people to this blog and, hopefully, to our podcast are always interesting. To us, at least. Looks like zombies are still interesting to a lot of people. Note: numbers for similar searches have been combined.

This week’s top/best searches:

borg queen 25
zombies 14
nerd hurdles mandi 5
twat tattoo 2
zombies street 1
pictures of fur trade 1
“handsome zombies” 1
fit together toys 1
nerd of the month 1
wow obsession 1
video gamer stereotype 1

Top/best this month:

zombies 240
borg queen 130
empire records costume 3
geektionary 2
crusher picard 1
doucheois 1
zombies zombies zombies 1
regretsy reaver 2
21 days later zombie 1
kind zombie 1
+”nerd hurdles” +podcast +”project potter” 1
realy zombie 1
ridiculous cakes 1

 All time top ten:

zombies 662
borg queen 132
zombie 61
christina aguilera zombie 59
zombie people 31
28 days later zombie 28
zombie wedding 21
data star trek 19
twin peaks 19
worf star trek 19
day of the dead tattoos 17

Top five posts/pages (all time):

Mandi 901  
Episode #21: Zombies 848  
Jakob 657  
Geektionary 448  
Star Trek: The Twin Peaks Generation 345

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