March: Urine Batteries and Turd Temperatures

April 5, 2011

how to make urine battery: Bwhaat? Apparently this is an ACTUAL THING. Personally, I look forward to the day when our homes are powered by our own wee-wee.

interwebz internet badass nerd: I was picturing some kind of gamer wearing a special cyber glove and 3D goggles but This is the image Google gave me. Holy fuckballs, indeed.

do i look like angelina jolie: Are you a skull wearing a set of oversized wax lips stuck on the end of a broomstick? But seriously, I love that someone Googled this. And for those who want to emulate Angelina’s look but don’t have a set of wax lips, here’s a handy guide.

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Episode 023: Pride and Prejudices (Special Edition)

July 3, 2009

It was Pride Week in Toronto and last weekend Mandi and I went to the Dyke March and beer garden then recorded a podcast about Pride and hurdles associated with it and other LGBT issues. To be honest, we weren’t as drunk when we recorded this episode as I’d hyped on Twitter. You can hear my voice slurring a little and we don’t call each other on clearly false or dubious points, but it was just a mild post-beer garden (and pub) tipsiness.

My political views on Pride are covered on the episode so I won’t get into them here. And having enjoyed the day (even the hellish beer garden) I’m not sure exactly what they are anymore.

All I know is if Mandi gets the crew of the Enterprise tattooed on her body, we have to make sure it’s done better than the example of tattoo portraiture below.

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