Episode 59 – Toronto Nerd-Up / BSG season 3 wrap-up

April 2, 2010

On March 27th we met an international group of Simply Syndicated listeners at the Victory Cafe in Toronto for dinner, drinks and dorking out.

Not only can you can hear some of the hilarity(?) which ensued on Nerd Hurdles Episode 59, but you can also watch the following videos.

This one is by us:

This one is from TorontoKev:

Kennedy of Starbase 66 put this one together:

Now if those videos don’t make you wish to be a part of it all, then you clearly have better things to do with your time and cooler friends. Congratulations, normie.

If you thought that looked like more fun than your Saturday night, why not come on out to the next meet-up? We’ll keep you posted on The Hurdled Nerd when another is in the works.

Project GalacTALKa finally returns with a special hour-long wrap-up of Season 3. What makes it special? Listener audio comments of course. That and discussion of everything except Season 3 (well, we do manage to cover all the spoilers).

Tangents include: TrooperCS Lewis’ sex life, FuZion, and Hitler finding out the Democrats and Obama passed Healthcare Reform.

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