Episode 56: Live Theatre

March 12, 2010


Going to the theatre—a theatre where the seats face living human actors on a stage and not images projected on a silver screen—is a hurdle for many people.

Even people who enjoy live theatre sometimes find it a hurdle. There’s a modicum of effort involved in just knowing what’s available to you, not to mention dragging yourself all the way downtown to some mouldering building with uncomfortable seats. Then there’s always a chance the play itself and the actors performances will be intolerably bad.

But the flip side of this Russian roulette is when the gamble pays off, it pays off big. The cinema can never quite achieve the same level of human connection with an audience as live theatre.

A few weeks agao we attended the Rhubarb Festival in Toronto. From our (uncomfortable) seats we connected with Mia van Leeuwen (pictured above) as she spewed blood, piss, shit and vomit on a garden gnome and Rae Spoon (seen below) as he sang about growing up transgendered in Calgary.

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