Coming To Terms: The Internet is Weird

October 7, 2010

September gave us fewer new weirdo search strings though not fewer over all, just fewer ones we hadn’t seen before. “Zombies weddings”, Christina Aguilera’s Ass” and “Rainbow Darth Vader” are still popular as ever. The internet is a weird place.

“kate libby” red shirt hackers: “Red Shirt Hackers” sounds to me like a Star Trek themed psychobilly band. But no, it’s just a hideous red shirt that Angelina Jolie wears in the movie Hackers. Apparently it’s “iconic” and “awesome” or something. The Internet is a weird place.

“wesley crusher” cock slash: I bet a few people would have liked to slash Wesley’s cock back in the day. And, no, that’s not a euphemism for something pleasurable Mandi would have engaged in. I think they were actually looking for some Wesley/Riker fics. I assume this based on the specific use of the word “cock” (alternate meaning: “dickhead”) and not that the Googler didn’t figure penises would be a given in a Wesley slash.

how to draw a tie fighters: Step 1: Draw an eyeball. Step Two: Stick some open umbrellas on either side of that eyeball. Follow this link to see how to draw a Thai fighter.

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