Awesome Crazy Giant Dragons (search terms Feb)

March 1, 2012

Okay, so let’s just get this out of the way first. Apparently Kate Beckinsale’s ass is the most popular thing on the internet. Ever. I think it’s even giving “zombies” a run for their money. But then, zombies don’t run very fast.

underworld awakening kate beckinsale ass pictures: That is just the crest of a tidal wave of “underworld ass” searches (that one came in a whopping 36 times) this month. Here’s few of the better ones:

  • underworld selene ass (13x) — the silver medal winner.
  • kate beckinsale underworld ass (7x, plus 3x without the word “kate”)
  • underworld girl ass (4x)
  • underwirld girl ass — the above wasn’t always spelled correctly.
  • kate beckinsale underworld 4 butt ass (2x) — I think “butt-ass” is the new “butthead”.
  • kathryn beckinsale assthe more refined ass Googler uses the long form of her name.
  • underwold dat ass — for the more ghetto ass Googler.
  • underworld selene butt in tights
  • vampire kate beckinsale in lack leder sometimes these searches are educational “lack leder” is German for patent leather. I didn’t know that. Now I do.
  • underworld hot butt — this sounds to me like something you’d get at dim sum.
  • kate beckinsale ass pant underworld — actually, I think “asspant” is a better insult than “butt-ass”.
  • best selene underworld ass shots  — only the best.
  • best pictures of underworlds ass  — only the best pictures of Shane Brolly, plzthx.
  • underworld kate ass — For some reason “kate ass” sounds like a condition to me. Like shingles in your crack. “Blimey. Me old kate arse is kickin’ up ag’in like a sack o’ponies.”
  • underworld pic ass — I imagine the vinyl tights had Kate’s thong fully wedged in there and it needed to be picked out every night. Sexy.
  • underworld asspics when setting off on a long journey, make sure to pack some vampire butts in aspic. A hearty delicacy.
  • kate beckinsale underworld hot — more of a catch-all search, not limited to the butt region.

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