Episode 98 – Unhurdled

January 21, 2011


Regular listeners (such as @Not_Scott who suggested this topic) have probably noticed there are plenty of classic fandoms and nerdy pursuits we’ve never attempted to hurdle.

Probably our most requested topic is Dr. Who / Torchwood and we’ve never seen any of it. Not entirely true, as kids we’d both seen some of the ubiquitous Tom Baker series and Jakob watched the first two episodes of the Christopher Eccleston series. It’s something we’re going to hurdle. Just not right away.

But something we have hurdled is Sims 3. Even if we do just make it mirror our real life. The weird thing is our real life has begun to mirror our Sims’ life.  It’s approaching some kind of meta singularity.

Sim-Jakob and real Jakob make pancakes in red pants.

 The book series Mandi references with the girl who is flat chested and has a “strong nose” is Sweep.

Apollo Ghosts video featuring wrestler The Divine Prophet, lead singer of The Madonna Bangers.

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