Episode 77 – Craft Beers and Crap Beers

August 13, 2010

Third time’s a charm for this episode. After two disastrous attempts to record this podcast (one too drunk, one too hung over), we finally got this episode in the can.

Beer is a hurdle for almost everyone. People tend to have very set opinions on what is a drinkable brew. Some won’t drink anything other than mass-market (Bud, Labatts, Coors, Molson) swill, others will only imbibe the richer flavours of a micro brewery’s craft ale.

Here at the hurdle hut, we’re decidedly in the latter camp. Though there are a few beer Jedi’s who can balance the light and the dark without batting an eye, people are generally set in their ways.

Personally, I like the dark ales and stouts (once you go black, you never go back). Though, almost a full week after the Toronto Festival of Beer, I still feel a little like I will never again touch another drop . Or, perhaps, until tonight.

Dark ales weren’t the order of the day at Great Lake’s Brewing’s Caskapalooza area of the festival where wheat beers, fruity brews and ales so hoppy a rabbit would be scared reigned. These interesting small batch brews were the essence of what beer fest is all about; tipping back a half-pint of something you’d never tried before.

Left: Jakob annoys Tara while wearing the “shit compress” Labatt’s Fiddy shirt he found on a tree and wrapped around his head. Also, a flower in his beard and the inability to focus his eyes properly.

Referenced video: Double Complete Rainbow

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