Coming To Terms: “baby jesus made of butter” (Nov 2010)

December 2, 2010

mary mcdonnell fanfic: Though they were probably looking for some RPS (real person slash), I like to think Mary McDonnell is spending her post-BSG years writing E.T./ALF crossover slash.

captains log shit: Though I can imagine Kirk keeping records of his bowel movements for Starfleet “prosteriority”, the thought of Jean Luc doing so makes me giggle.

an offer u cant refuse: And a sentence you can’t spell.

turd machine: Not many people know this was the original name of the website.

gay sexy darth vader: Redundant search string. As if a gay Darth Vader would be anything other than sexy.

masonic got postcard: Remember the Free Mason’s short-lived postcard campaign “Got Secrets?” The milk on the upper lip created unfortunate associations though and they quickly discontinued the mail-outs. You can still find the cards on eBay sometimes.

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