Coming to Terms (Dec 2010): Important events in Christina Aguilera’s life

January 10, 2011

wow what a nerd: I feel like this is the number the librarian sings to express her unrequited love for the model train enthusiast in the off-broadway musical, Miss American Pi!

holy s**t Russian: In Soviet Russia expletives censor you.

important events in christina aguilera’s life: First solid poop, March 7, 1981. First “bad touch” from a show business type, July 21, 1990. Completed Super Mario World, September 19, 1993.

degrassi junior high girls: Kevin Smith’s been on Google again.

j-hook turd: The “ringer” is passé. The refined turd enthusiast knows the “J-hook” is where true turdistry lies.

legolas and lucius baby: I have no words for this at this time.

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