Episode 155 – Star Trek: Voyager

September 24, 2012

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Our eight-month voyage has come to an end. So what did we think of the oft-maligned Star Trek series,Voyager? Perhaps not what you’d expect. Or perhaps exactly what you’d expect if you’ve been reading our Voyager Voyages blog posts.




Sorry fanboys, no Kathie this week. Though she doesn’t actually have syphilis, she did contract The Phage.

This week’s The Nerds Know question is from Richard in New Zealand. Send questions to nerds@nerdhurdles.com


July 22, 2012

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Squeezed in a bit of a fail episode about the Toronto Ribfest before Mandi went on vacation. We quickly realize there’s not as much to say about carnies on the BBQ ribs circuit than you’d think. Mostly we complain about the lack of tents to shelter us from the sun. A lack for which which we were apparently lucky.

THE NERDS KNOW: Questions from GAB and Ava. “What store would you live in?” and “What were your biggestchildhood disappointments?”

Want to know something? Ask us: nerds@nerdhurdles.com

Loving and leaving

March 10, 2011

We’re going to be “off the air” for a few weeks. But to make things right, we’re going to love and leave you with this video from the Scattered Trees. See you (or, more accurately, hear us) on March 25th.

I gotta tell you though, it really pisses me off the girl is dressed like Amidala and not Leia.

Episode 32: 9/11 (aka “the doom and gloom episode”)

September 28, 2009

9/11 is a bit of a problematic topic for Nerd Hurdles. For one, no matter what your feelings are on the hype and propaganda surrounding it, it’s just not something you can joke about. People dying isn’t funny. And two, what exactly is the hurdle? From some discussion on the [defunct] Simply Syndicated forums I’ve come to realize it’s primarily a semantic hurdle for me.

The root of most nerd hurdles is really when you have a sickening suspicion that fans of whatever fandom have lost touch with reality. Something about the way 9/11 is treated and spoken about feels entirely insincere. Perhaps that is a byproduct of overly-slick American infotainment news coverage regurgitating propagandistic messages instead of reporting balanced broadcast journalism.

But as much as I disagree with labeling the firefighters at “ground zero” (that term in itself is a hurdle for me) heroes because they were simply people doing their jobs, the height of absurdity has to be the conspiracy theorists. Charlie Sheen‘s recent YouTube appearance is a case in point. The complete breakdown of rational thought is a massive hurdle for me. As is the subtle misuse of language to sway public opinion away from Truth to Idealism is a hurdle for me. Are they “nerd hurdles” per se? Perhaps not. Perhaps I’m just a cynical curmudgeon. Perhaps “perhaps” should not have been in that last sentence.

Next week we return to more classically “nerdy” and, hopefully, less gloomy topics. But first,  let’s take a gander at some stats about casualties in the Iraq War.

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