Episode 150 – THE WAR OF 1812

June 29, 2012

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This isn’t as much what you’d call “Hardcore History” as softcore rambling. If you want to know actual facts about the War of 1812, read this. I did. It’s everything I know about the war.

If you want to know more about Canadian history, you should check out Unboring Learning‘s video series on the subject. Apparently they’re doing the War of 1812 soon and I’m sure you’ll learn 100% more about it than you would from us and still in an unboring way.

If you want to know actual facts about blood poisoning read this.

Napoleon is 5'6"

Rick Mercer doing 1812 reenactments

More importantly, in this episode we answer the first question in our The Nerds Know segment. First up is a political pickle from listener Jay Gonzalez.

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