Episode 103 – Gaming Gamers of Gamery

February 25, 2011


We don’t know much about the hardcore online gaming world so we invited Nathan into Hurdle Hut to school us on the phenomenon. He’s a Starcraft nerd and, according to him, it’s not just a bunch of coloured blobs running into each other (as seen above). I’m not completely convinced.

But he did point us towards Day 9 Daily and the world of videogame competition commentators. Once my mind reassembled itself from BEING BLOWN by the idea this exists, I tried to understand what’s going on in that game. Still, all I get out of it is coloured blobs bashing into each other.

Episode 029: Video Games (Special Edition)

August 21, 2009

WoW! People get really obsessed with video games. Sometimes they even die for their obsession. Some people rock out with toy guitars, some people make coloured blocks fit together, and some make racial stereotypes hop over turtles. The thing all these people have in common is they’re NERDS. Jakob and Mandi play with the topic of video games and mow the grass of a little drugs podcast called Hooked.

Jakob once made a video game called Hoody Fighter when he was mad at his prof . You can experience it in all its splendor HERE.

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